Paralkar Lab, ribosome biogenesis, ribosome hematopoiesis, leukemia, transcription, epigenetics
Vikram Paralkar, MD, Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
Division of Hematology/Oncology, Department of Medicine
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Vikram Paralkar did his medical schooling at Seth G.S. Medical College in Mumbai, India, residency in Internal Medicine at Temple University, Philadelphia, and fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania. His post-doctoral research was in transcriptional regulation in erythropoiesis in the laboratory of Mitchell Weiss at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Vikram is an Assistant Professor in Hematology/Oncology, with a clinical specialization in acute and chronic myeloid leukemias and a basic science interest in understanding the molecular underpinnings of transcriptional and ribosome biogenesis regulation in normal and malignant hematopoiesis. Outside of work, Vikram is a novelist and an aficionado of classical music.
Twitter: @ParalkarLab

Aleena Alex, Undergraduate Student

Aleena is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences in the Pre-med track, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Bioethics. She is working on dissecting the roles of leukemia point mutations in chromatin proteins. Outside of my academics, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and catching up on the latest movies and shows.

Charles Antony, PhD, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Charles did his PhD on ribosomal RNA and translation in yeast at the National Institute of Science Education and Research, India. He is currently studying cell-type-specific regulation of ribosomal RNA transcription in hematopoiesis. Outside science, he likes music, cricket, and hiking.
Twitter: @CharlesAntony07

Melanie Auerbach, BS, Administrative Assistant

Melanie graduated from Drexel University’s 5 year 3 CO-OP program in 2022. She graduated with a B.S. in Science and studied health sciences and psychology. She joined Penn as an Administrative Assistant in the Departments of Pathology and Hematology/Oncology in September of 2022. Outside of work, Melanie likes to teach group exercise classes at the gym, cheer on Philadelphia sports teams, and catch up on good TV shows.

Victoria Feist, BS, Research Specialist

Victoria earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in 2023, where she majored in biology and minored in data science. She is interested in using mouse models to investigate the the role of oncogenic mutations in malignant hematopoiesis. Outside of the lab, Victoria enjoys hiking (as an avid naturalist) and exploring Philadelphia in search of the best espresso and live music.

Jannatul Ferdaus, BS, Master’s Student

Janna is a master’s student of Computer Information and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania, and she did her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Temple University. She is interested in bioinformatics and RNA sequencing. Outside of work she likes to read books, watch movies, and go to museums.

Subin George, MS, Computational Biologist

Subin did his master’s in Bioinformatics at Temple University. He works on computational pipelines and sequencing analyses, and is interested in developing customized algorithms for mapping and interpretation of high-throughput and single-cell datasets. Outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, and listening to music.
Twitter: @Subin_S_George

Jason Grana, MS, Research Specialist

Jason earned his master’s at Saint Joseph’s University. He is currently exploring the leukemia phenotypes of mouse models with combinatorial oncogenic mutations. Outside of work, he likes video games, cats, and swimming.

Jill Henrich, BS, Cancer Biology PhD Student

Jill graduated from Providence College with a B.S. in biology in 2020. She is currently a PhD student in CAMB with a concentration in cancer biology. She is interested in studying the role of epigenetics in acute myeloid leukemia. Outside of her lab she enjoys reading, attending concerts, and exploring new coffee shops.
Twitter: @jillhenrich7

Putzer Hung, MD/PhD, Hematology-Oncology Fellow

Putzer received his BS (Biochemistry) from Brown University and MD/PhD (Immunology) from Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied the mechanisms of DNA double-strand break repair in lymphocytes. He then completed his Internal Medicine residency through the Physician-Scientist Pathway at Penn, and is currently a fellow in the Division of Hematology-Oncology. He is broadly interested in hematology and the regulation of DNA metabolism. Outside of work, he enjoys writing, board gaming, playing the keyboard, and trying his hand at racquet sports (despite the protests of his knees).

Jessie Lin, Undergraduate Student

Jessie is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences on the pre-med track, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. She is interested in studying the regulation of ribosomal RNA by transcription factors in leukemia. Outside of academics, she loves music, playing sports, and traveling.

Aishwarya Pawar, MS, Cancer Biology PhD Student

Aishwarya completed an undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Pune in India, and joined the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania for her Masters. She is currently a PhD student in the Cancer Biology group of CAMB, working on epigenetic and transcriptional effects of mutations in transcriptional regulators in AML. Outside of work, she likes to read books and pet dogs.
Twitter: @Aishwarya_2510

Eleanor Sams, BS, Genetics and Epigenetics PhD Student

Eleanor (she/her) is a student in the CAMB Genetics & Epigenetics graduate program. She completed her undergraduate degree in 2022 at Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. She is interested in exploring molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development and progression, with a particular interest in pediatric cancers. Outside of lab, Eleanor likes to go to vintage and antique shops, collect rocks and crystals, and spend time with friends.
Twitter: @eleanor44_

David Wu, BS, Genomics and Computational Biology MD/PhD Student

While David grew up in Michigan, he was born right here at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He studied Computer Science at Stanford and then worked as a computational biologist at the Broad Institute before starting his MD/PhD training at Penn. His research interests lie at the intersection between data science and genomics, where he hopes to apply techniques like machine learning to large “omics” datasets to discover novel biological principles of disease. He can also be found running, weightlifting, cooking, and exploring everything that Philly has to offer.
Twitter: @wu__david

Ian Yannuzzi, BS, Cancer Biology PhD Rotation Student

Ian grew up not far from Penn in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They earned a B.S. in Biology of Global Health at Georgetown University in 2021. Ian’s passion for cancer research deepened through research in Dr. Jan LaRocque’s DNA repair lab. Post-Georgetown, Ian ventured to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working in Dr. Todd Golub’s cancer genomics lab via the Broad Biomedical Post-Baccalaureate Scholars Program. Now a Penn Presidential PhD fellow in Cancer Biology, Ian eagerly merges their interests in functional genomics, systems biology, targeted therapeutics, and RNA regulation. Outside of work, Ian enjoys listening to epic fantasy books, taking bike rides along the Schuylkill, going to the gym, watching anime, playing with their cat, and exploring Philly with friends.
Twitter: @ianyannuzzi
LinkedIn: ianyannuzzi